Nikki’s Trust web site up and running!

Welcome to the Nikki’s Trust web site, we will be updating with Trust news and Events as often as we can.

We hope you will enjoy looking around and we look forward to your feedback on the blog pages.

Thanks to Everybody for their support, Heather for the Logo’s, Chris for the video and Gareth for pulling the site together in double quick time.

Take Care


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6 Responses to “Nikki’s Trust web site up and running!”
  1. Samantha says:

    Dear Pete
    I have just sat and watched the restoration man and would like to say well done for your strength and courage. It will have taken alot for you not to have given up but with the strength Nikki showed throughout her illness I can guarantee she left you enough strength and love to dig deep and finish what you started together and although she is not there with you in body celebrating and enjoying your dream house be assured she is with you in heart and spirit. I speak from experience after loosing my 10 yr old son in July 2010 to cancer and have continued with the strength he showed during his illness carrying his name and smile on through a charity called Samuel’s Childrens Charity that supports families of children with cancer. I wish you well in your fundraising for Nikkis trust and your future in your beautiful home
    much love Samantha

  2. Guy Suddaby says:

    Dear Pete,

    I watched Restoration Man last night and nearly had to turn it off at the point where it was revealed that Nicki had terminal cancer.

    My wife died in August 2011 from a rare cancer called mycosis fungoides, she battled through it for over 4 years from diagnosis. In November 2009 she was so ill she was on life support for 2 weeks and lost the ability to walk, from that point it was clear that it was going to remain a long battle, she learnt to walk again and after several months in St Thomas’ London and Southampton General she came home in 2010 only to be back in Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth for another month and another ICU trip. The remaining 15 months or so of her life she spent here at home with me and our three daughters 5 and the twins 4. I gave up work in October 2010 to spend as much time with Claire as possible and to look after our girls.

    We were able to have Claire at home until the very end which had been her wish, but we had and continue to have excellent support from the Rowans Hospice and their outreach/community team. The Hospice teams are amazing and a special breed of human being to do what they do.

    I guess my reason for posting was really to let you know you are not alone, there are unfortunately more of us out here than there should be. Both Claire and I would watch programs like Restoration Man together as we had hoped to one day build our dream home. You have completed an amazing project under the worst of circumstances – well done!

    All the very best to you and your families,

    • Jyoti says:

      I am very touched by your short account above. I cannot begin to imagine how the last few years have been for you or how you and your children are rebuilding your lives now.

      My brother has mycosis fungoides and I am terrified for him.

      I could do with talking to someone and understanding it better if only to feel that I am doing something. Sounds very selfish I know. If you have any advice or suggestions or information I would be very grateful.

      Best wishes


      • Guy says:

        Hi Jyoti,

        Pete from the site has forwarded me your email address and I am about to drop you a line, feel free to reply and I will gladly reply.

        Best wishes


  3. Chris says:

    Dear Pete, You and Nikki are a true inspiration. Keep your chin up through your darkest moments and remember that she will always be with you in your heart. Take care, Chris and Tammy, in Cheshire.

  4. Emma says:

    Hello Pete I am so sad about what happened especially as I was in Nikki’s fave place.We all stuck together and managed to get through in the end. Nikki would love the Mill as I did.

    Best wishes

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