Whoops! Rather more visitors than we anticipated

Apologies to anyone who tried and couldn’t access the web site after watching the Channel 4 Restoration Man programme last night. It appears that we used our entire month’s bandwidth allowance in just 15 minutes!

Thanks for taking the time to come back.


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35 Responses to “Whoops! Rather more visitors than we anticipated”
  1. Anne Jackson says:

    Hi Pete

    I had to drop you a note after watching Restoration Man last night. Firstly and most importantly I and all of us here at North West Cancer Research Fund send you our deepest sympathy. Nikki was such a beautiful girl and taken from you far too soon. Although I’ve worked for the charity for over 8 years I still get so cross with Cancer, it’s just so cruel and I’m seeing every day the amazing work that researchers are doing to try and find the causes/cures. The windmill is such a wonderful legacy to Nikki but her biggest legacy is the difference she will make through her blog and the awareness of the HPV vaccine.

    Stay strong Pete, your courage in the programme was incredible and hopefully your willingness to still let the programme be aired at such a difficult time will make girls think about their health and take that step in ensuring they have the right protection against this dreadful disease.

    With love.


  2. Peter says:

    Watched the programme last night Pete and I have to say it was amazing what you did. Nikki seemed like an amazing woman and I am sure she will inspire many.

    And what a stunning house!

  3. Elke says:

    Hi Pete,

    watched last night’s programme in tears. Felt the urge to get in touch and tell you what an amazing man you are. You have supported Nikki so, so much, and even though I don’t know the first thing about you (other than seeing you on the telly), I can tell that the two of you were deeply in love. My husband died very suddenly in April 2009, aged only 34, 4 days before our daughter’s first birthday and while away with our three year old son. I suspect you will be able to see my email on this comment, so if you would like, please get in touch – we have a fantastic support group on FB for young widows and widowers. I know the first christmas will have been awful – sending you some helpless hugs. Pete, I don’t really know what to say. It sucks massively, and nothing will ever make this alright, but there are (unfortunately) lots of us who understand, and it does get easier, although the hole they leave will always be there. Sending you a million hugs. much love, inner strength, sunshine, giggles and memories. xxx Elke

  4. Sean Faloona says:

    Hi Pete
    Watched he programme last night and was deeply touched by both Nikkis and yours strength and dignity throughout the build , and your strength to see the project through.
    Whilst looking at various media feeds this morning most people were talking about unimportant things like celebrity big brother crap, but a fare few on facebook were talking about Restoration man and it really hit home what life is about and how precious it is. i never do things like this usually but felt compelled to and have texted a small donation and posted the link to my facebook feed.
    You should be very proud of yourself and Nikki – best of luck for the future and what a house!!!

  5. Anne Parsons says:

    Dear Pete
    I watched last night’s programme and did not move for that hour (unusual for me, can’t sit still) – you and Nikki are truly remarkable – remember that she will be in your heart for ever – and in your home.

    I would really like to get involved in helping Nikki’s Trust – I have a small business helping people organise their lives – so they can focus on the important things – seeing and spening time with family and friends, enjoying shared interests, just being together with loved ones is so important.

    If you are organising a fundraising event I would like to donate a few of hours of my time as a gift as a ‘prize’. I can send you further details if you care to get in touch.

    Your home looked truly beautiful – a testament to your hard work and vision.

    With very best wishes and good luck for raising awareness (and money) through Nikki’s Trust

  6. Amadu Sowe says:

    Hi Pete,

    My wife and I were completely blown away by the courage strength and dignity both you and Nikki showed in the face of such appalling circumstances. Last night’s programme was gut-wrenching at times but we came away feeling inspired by the two of you and your love and devotion to each other shone through from the very start.

    I have never written anything like this in such a public forum but I felt compelled to write to you from the moment the programme finished.

    I wish you all the very best for the future, you deserve it.



  7. Gail says:

    Hi Pete,
    I can only echo what has already been said in the previous comments – the programme last night was both very sad and truly inspiring. Through tears, my husband and I watched an amazing couple face every challenge with great courage, calmness and positivity. Nikki was beautiful and through this programme you made us stop and think about how precious life really is.

    You showed amazing strength throughout, and the home you created is fantastic. I wish you all the very best for the future and thank you for sharing your story.


  8. Tracy says:

    Dear Pete
    You really are a remarkable man as in the face of adversity you kept foucused to get the mill finished. Nikki seemed like a really lovely lady and i was reduced to tears when it said in the programme she had taken ill again. It does make me wonder sometimes why these horrible things happen to such lovely people. A lesson to us all that life is precious and we need to grab in with both hands The house looked truly amazing and one which Nikki would have been very proud. I just felt sad that with all the hard work and effort that she never got the chance to live in it. I would like to wish you all the luck in the world Pete, you truly are an inspiration.

    Love Tracy xx

  9. Gunni says:

    Dear Pete,

    Like other people on here, I, too, don’t normally comment on forums but couldn’t help leaving you a message on here after watching last night’s bittersweet programme.

    You are very brave in sharing your story and grief so publicly and I can only admire you for this. I also thought that George presented and narrated the programme with a very sensitive way. It was obvious and almost tangible in the programme how Nikki was and no doubt continues to be a most amazing inspiration for you. I’m sure Nikki will continue to inspire many people from wherever she is now and I hope you can take some strength from that.

    Together you and Nikki have created a stunning place to call home and I wish you all the very best for the future and the abilty to learn to laugh again.

    Sending you lots of heartfelt thoughts.

  10. Jo Wakeman says:

    Hello Pete,

    I felt I must write and say how sorry I was to watch your story unfold on ‘Restoration Man’.

    I live in Canterbury , am the same age as Nikki and I had an ovarian tumour removed a few years ago so as soon as I sat down to watch the programme, I felt an ‘affinity’ with your wife. I was so sorry that she lost her brave battle.

    I hope that by living in your beautiful home you can feel her warmth and spirit all around you.

    I hope you’re finding strength and happiness

  11. Laura says:

    Through tears & tissues I watched your amazing journey on Restoration Man last night.
    What an incredible partnership you had & what strength you have shown.
    I hope you are able to enjoy the Mill as Nikki would have wanted – it truly is a magnificent achievement, which I send heartfelt thanks for sharing with us …………………. X

  12. Jacqueline says:

    Dear Pete and family

    I just wanted to say, after watching the programme last night, just how amazingly strong Nikki was, thank you for sharing your story with us it is simply and inspiration to us all. The mill looks fabulous and I am sure that the input that Nikki did manage to put in is a great comfort to you now.

    As has been said previously all the luck and love in the world to you for the future.

    Love Jacqueline and family x

  13. Emma says:


    I watched Restoration Man last night in tears and total awe at both you and Nikki, and your amazing family, and was truly touched by how strong and courageous you all were and still are. I couldn’t believe how much courage it must have taken to stand in front of the cameras and national television knowing what you must have been going through at that moment, and understanding totally why you did it. It was inspiring to the point that I lost my breath.

    I too was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2007 at 27 years old, 3 months after my husband and I had become engaged and had aggressive radio and chemotherapy for 6 months following. I instantly felt a strong connection to both of you at the first mention of your story in the program because of the similarities, and I was truly humbled at how composed and strong you all were, and how amazing Nikki was even despite the second diagnosis. What an amazing woman.

    After the life crash that was my own diagnosis four years ago, my husband and I had started to pick up the pieces, and like you took on a whole new approach to life and we completely radicalised our diet and lifestyle. At four years this Novemeber passed since diagnosis and still no recurrence to date, I too am on 6 monthly check ups, but as each year passes and that time becomes a more distant memory I am ashamed to admit I have probably grown complacent. Watching the strength of Nikki and yourself last night I was truly humbled.

    Seeing how strong and dignified you both were in the face of total devastation has given me the wake up call I needed, and although I would never normally do this I felt compelled to contact you to tell you how truly inspiring you and Nikki are. As someone else has mentioned I do not know you both, but it is crystal clear what wonderful people you both are, and your families, and I wanted to reassure you that sharing such a personal journey and painful time with a nation wide audience was not in vain.

    Nikki was clearly the most lovely and amazing person and it never ceases to amaze me how cancer seems to happen to the nicest of people. What was clear is what an amazing and supportive family you have around you and I commend you all for what you have done in allowing the program to air.

    I wish you all the best in your journey, and in your mission to raise awareness for the HPV vaccine and to raise money for the two hospices though Nikki’s trust. I have made a small but heartfelt gesture and am inspired to do something similar myself.

    Thank you so much for your courage and inspiration. God bless Nikki and you all, I am sure sure is watching now and so proud xxx

    With love, Emma xxxxxxx

  14. Sarah Steele says:

    Dear Pete and Family,

    After watching Restoration Man last night I just felt I had to get in touch.

    What a truly amazing, inspirational, lovely lady Nikki was, her personality and your love for each other shone through on the programme. I am so sorry that she did not live to see the finished product. My husband and I watched in silence with tears in our eyes. Your courage to carry on was so powerful, I have found myself thinking of you both today….. Im sure you can feel her warmth and spirit around you.

    With good wishes and much love for the future

    Sarah Steele xxxx

  15. Brian Deacon says:

    Hello Pete.

    My wife & I watched Channel 4 Restoration programme last night. We were extremely moved to see the courage and sheer determination shown by both of you to continue with the project during Nikki’s battle with life.

    Having had malignant cancer myself on two occasions, we very much appreciate what a truly wonderful woman Nikki was, her bravery, dignity & loving nature in the face of her problems was a privilege to watch and an inspiration to us all.

    We are so pleased that you continued to complete the restoration of Reeds Mill. This beautiful building will stand & be admired for many years to come. A fitting tribute to Nikki’s memory & a reward to the efforts & courage of both of you. Our thoughts and prayers are very much with you and all the family

    Kind Regards,
    Brian & Joan Deacon

  16. Richard Nash says:

    Last night’s programme was beautiful, touching and inspiring. Such bravery from you all! Who’d have thought a building programme would produce tears in a grown man! Keep strong!

  17. Andy says:

    Hi Pete

    I saw the programme last night. I was in tears.

    It was unbelievable – Nikki was a truly amazing lady – it was very easy to see that. I could feel her love and joy for you and the beautiful house she could only dream about. I’m so sorry she never saw that vision, but know that she is somewhere very beautiful, looking down on you and enjoying what she sees.

    You were so brave – thank you for being so inspirational too.

    Best of luck mate,


  18. Jo Taylor says:

    Pete and Family

    Like many, many others we were truly humbled by last night’s programme – your amazing strength and Nikki’s immense courage and bravery, her Mum’s too – heartbreaking to watch…

    I have thought a lot about you all over the past 24 hours. You are an incredible person, so very dignified.

    I can’t really add anything more to what has already been said here but rest assured you are keeping Nikk’s spirit alive in your endeavours – I am sure she would be extremely proud of you.

    I sincerely hope you enjoy living in your beautiful house and wish you love and strength for the future.

    Thank you for sharing your story with the world.

    Jo Taylor x

  19. Jo Potter says:

    What a lovely, lovely lady Nikki was and such a loss to you Pete, family, friends and the world. You both created such an amazing and beautiful home and I loved watching the progress of the build on tv, through tears. My husband died aged 39 years after a long illness, leaving me and our son of 10 months, so have an idea of what its like for you. My thoughts and very best wishes for your future, enjoy your home with the spirit of Nikki there too I’m sure.

    Jo x

  20. Lauren says:

    Dear Pete,

    Thank you so much for sharing your story on the Restoration Man last night. I don’t know you but I felt compelled to post a message here after watching the programme. I was in absolute awe throughout – not only of your lovely wife Nikki, but also of you and your family.

    What can I say…my heart broke for you both when you said that the cancer had returned and was terminal. But I want you to know that watching you both was an absolute inspiration; Nikki showed so much courage and determination, and was still smiling, looking lovely and being positive despite the physical pain and rollercoaster emotions she would have most definitely have been going through.

    The way you were both clearly so devoted to each other was wonderful to watch too; and it was truly heartbreaking when Nikki finally lost her battle with cancer.

    I am a Gynae nurse and I am sadly seeing cervical cancer diagnosis on a increasingly regular basis. Nikki and you were so very brave and I want thank you so much for raising awareness of cervical cancer on this website and on the programme last night.

    ALL of our staff were talking about your story at work today and there were many comments about how fantastic you were Pete; you were a tower of strength for Nikki and a wonderful, loving and supportive husband.

    FInally, I love what you have done with the mill, inside and out…it is a work of art and really does look superb – well done for making the vision become a reality in spite of what you have been through. There is no doubt in my mind of how immensely proud Nikki must feel of you right now.

    I wish you all the very best for the future Pete.


  21. Jane (Aberdeen) says:

    Hi Pete,

    Straight after Restoration Man I tried to log on to Nikki’s trust website to leave a donation… (I could not but I will now!!) Its a tragic story but I agree with so many of the comments that it is also inspiring in so many ways. Your home is beautiful and it has the love of Nikki and you written all over it, even though Nikki did not see the end result, her influence can be seen. I wish you all the best for the future and hope you raise lots of money to help others in the future from this horrid disease in some way.

    Keep strong!


  22. Andy Foster says:

    To Pete and family,

    What can I say………………………..myself and my wife watched the Restoration Man program last night and I cannot express the feelings felt towards you and Nikki with the courage and determination you both showed. Nikki was such a brave woman and you must be so proud of her.

    The house you both created is amazing and is such a fitting testament to you both.

    Enjoy it and the memories you have


  23. Julia says:

    Dear Pete and family,

    I wanted to write a comment to say how moved I was when watching Restoration Man last night. Nikki was nothing short of inspirational.

    As Andy said in his comment, the house you both created is amazing and is such a fitting testament to you both.

    Thank you to you and Nikki for sharing your story under such difficult circumstances and I wish you every success as you undertake the important goals as outlined on Nikki’s website.



  24. Sally says:

    I always watch Restoration Man/George Clarke’s programmes, and tuned in online to catch up last night – little did I know what I was letting myself in for!! Just had to say, like so many others have already, what an inspiration you and lovely Nikki were on the programme. The fantastic restoration on Reeds Mill was a beautiful job and a fitting testament to your love. Nikki would be very proud. I’m not often moved to tears during house-building programmes but I could barely see the final scenes! Keep up the good work and stay strong at this difficult time.

  25. Leah Hobin says:

    Dear Pete & family

    What an amazing & lovely woman Nikki was, someone to be proud of. Thinking of you x

  26. Carol Clarke says:

    I was so deeply moved by the programme the strength you and your family showed was inspirational. Nikki was amazing and I am sure through the trust her memory will live on. i lost my Dad to cancer last year and have seen how cruel it can be but you do realise that your priorities are your family and friends and the simple things in life are the most precious. I wish you all the best for the future in your beautiful home.

  27. Terri Fellows says:

    Dear Pete & family
    I have never watched the Restoration Man program before but decided to watch it after seeing the article in the Radio Times. It was a very moving program and I would like to send my condolences and say thank you for letting your story be shown on national tv.
    I was diagnosed with cervical cancer 18 years ago after the birth of my daughter and I had to have a radical hysterectomy and radiotherapy. I know I was one of the lucky ones, my GP was extra vigilant whilst doing my 6 week checkup after giving birth. Diagnosis of cancer was a dreadful shock as I felt very fit and well. Over the year’s I have felt very blessed to have had the chance to see my 2 children turn into young adults.
    I thought that cervical cancer was on the decrease due to better screening and the new vaccine and I am very sad to hear that young women like Nikki are still dying from it. I wholeheartedly support your trust in Nikki’s name and will be sending a donation.
    Showing the struggle to build your dream home whilst Nikki was fighting cancer was very brave and I would like to say thank you to George and the production team for the sensative way the program was made. It was beautiful and moving a fine tribute to Nikki. I hope you can continue living there and eventually rebuild your life.

  28. Christine says:

    This has just aired in Australia dear one. Love and prayers sent your way for a life of great character grist by such pain over the loss of your bright sunflower Nikki

    Sunshine, warm sea breezes with the aromas of eucalypts and the chirrup of lorikeets and cicadas sent to you from here, The Houstons

  29. Brian and Mary Fagg says:

    21st Feb 2014 Just watched Reed’s Mill restoration for third or maybe fourth time It just gets more emotional each time we watch it

    I called to Reed’s Mill to make contact with Charlie at the time Nicci became ill again Thank you Pete for talking to me on the phone

    I called at a later time and I met Pete I must say the house is stunning

    We live in Ireland and help with Daffodil Day fundraising – similiar to MacMillan nursing

    Hope we meet again Pete

    Brian and Mary Fagg

    • Chris Radford says:

      I hope you don’t mind me using this opportunity to ask you a quick question. I have just watched the restoration prog and my attention was drawn to the location, Kingston. I used to live in Barham in the late 60’s and had a friend called Peter Fagg. We would be about 9 or 10 then and I wondered if this may have been Peter’s dad. If his name is also Peter then it must have been him all those years ago.
      Once again , sorry to use this as a means of finding an old friend and hope to hear from you.
      Kind regards
      Chris Radford

  30. Sheena Killick says:

    I was wondering if your trust is still running

    i lost my father in September last year and have been struggling with getting back to the everyday reality of work and life without him I lost my partner 6 years prior i have what is termed cumulative grief i am fine but would like to do something voluntary and worthwhile i found your project inspirational your wife is beyond words you were incredibly lucky to have each other love is very precious there are days when i am desperate to speak and the words wont come i want to cry but the tears have dried i saw you restoration project an hour ago and needed to send this i hope it is easier for you now if i can help in anyway the offer is open of help god bless you


  31. Peter and Nicola Fagg says:

    Hi Peter,
    My mother in-law said your on TV, Obviously we were not and it was yourself and Nikki on the restoration man.

    We both then watched the program as we were intrigued to see what our name sakes looked and behaved like.

    Well the program left us in tears for your loss but pleased for what you both created.

    She was obviously a beautiful and amazing woman and will be missed by all.

    Peter and Nicola Fagg

  32. Aman says:

    Hi Pete,

    I am a massive fan of restoration man and have just finished watching Reed’s windmill restoration project. Firstly huge congratulations for this lovely build and it’s a shame that lovely Nicki wasn’t there to see how it finally looks.

    She was so full of life & grace and i have never seen someone with such determination & simplicity which you have mate.

    This show left me with tears and I had to contact you.

    I really believe that Nicki is looking at you & your efforts sitting in heaven and she must be really proud !

    God bless and i would love to volunteer for any events organized by this trust in near future, so i will look out for it on your website.

    Also just made a small contribution towards your effort’s, i hope it will help 🙂



  33. Victoria says:

    Hello Pete
    I have watched the Restoration Man show last night.
    It has been probably 6 year since it first aired, but yours and Nikki’s story continues to touch people’s heart.

    Your determination, integrity and strength are truly inspirational.. Nikky was an amazing woman. Despite the adverse prognosis, she allowed happiness in her life, she kept her smile and that was so amazing to watch.
    Thanks for telling your story.

    My mother was diagnosed with cancer in 2005 and lost her battle in 2008. After seeing what you’ve done, I am motivated to tell her story and make a difference.

    Kind regards

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