Paris to Farnham Cycle Ride.

Promises made, not to be forgotten.

My slightly mad mother in law once made the mistake of mentioning a personal goal to ride from London to Paris to Nikki. She should have known better than this and during her illness promises were made to make the goal a reality.

Carol, Alan, (Mum and Dad) Gill and Chris (Aunt and Uncle) have embraced the challenge and with a little twist on the original plan will set off from Paris on the 15th May. They aim to travel the nearly 200 miles in fours days, arriving at Nikki’s childhood home in Farnham on the 18th May.

The 18th of May would have been Nikki’s 35th birthday and will be a very special day indead. the travellers, no matter how weary plan to enjoy Nikki’s birthday ‘Tea @ Three’ on the day; watch this space for more details on how you can get involved with the Tea yourself.

Please show your support by going to and sponsoring the guys whatever you can afford.

Good luck guy’s, bread and cheese is on me!!


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