What is Megan going to do with her Beautiful Hair ??




Megan’s latest fund raising project has been to grow her hair as she wanted it to be long enough so that she could donate it to the Little Princess Trust were it will be made into wigs for children who have cancer.  Watching Nikki go through all her treatment and seeing the side effects showed Megan how just having a nice wig can make the person feel so much better.  It is because of Nikki that Megan wants to make a difference and her beautiful hair has now grown long enough and she is ready to have 12 inches cut off on 10 August.  If you are able to, will you please sponsor Megan in this amazing thing for a young girl to do her Just Giving page is  http://www.justgiving.com/Sarah-Swinden .  All sponsor money will go to Nikki’s Trust .


More about Megan’s year raising awareness and fund raising for Nikki’s Trust and other cancer charities.  The year started by her entering a writing competition at school entitled ‘The Message’. Megan chose to write about Nikki’s story.   She received a certificate of participation from the National Short Story Week Young Writer 2013 in recognition of the effort and her concern in getting across the message of the importance of the HPV vaccine. Also her head teacher sent her a letter congratulating her on the story and saying how proud the school were of her achievement.

In May, Megan turned her talent to preparing and waitressing at Nikki’s Birthday Tea @ Three that was held by her Nanna in Farnham for 70 guests.  She made some lovely shortbread that were enjoyed by many.  Megan helped raise £591 for the trust.

Megan’s next project was the Race for Life held in Guildford on a very hot Sunday, but Megan with the support of Mum completed the race in 52 minutes and they raised £200 for cancer research.

Megan is only 12 and look what a difference she has made in less than a year, we are very proud of her and hope that you will be able to support her in her latest fund raising effort.



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One Response to “What is Megan going to do with her Beautiful Hair ??”
  1. Ellie xx says:

    Omg, megan has done a wonderful thing for both her beloved cousin Nikki and Little Princess Trust.
    She has been so brave to cut of her long wavy locks in such generosity. Megan now has a hairstyle to suit her kindhearted personality. I will also one day in hope to raise money for a charity will cut off almost more than 12 inches of my hair to be donated to the same charity Megan has. It was meant to be a joint effort, but I wimped out because I wasn’t ready to lose my hair for such good reason’s. Hopefully I will get my hair cut in November area-ish but if I fail to do so then i will grow my hair to such a length that I will lose my sanity with it then i will get it cut.
    I support Megan through all she has done for Nikki, she seems such a wonderful person to have known.
    Ellie xxx

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