It’s Time to Wise Up!!

Wise Up is an educational Toolkit with everything you wanted to know about HPV.

The Trust were privileged to offer a sneak preview of the Wise Up material at the SNPIG meeting a few weeks ago and we are delighted to announce that the material is now in the public domain and available to assist teachers, school nurses and other healthcare professionals in delivering a clear message about HPV.

Please take the time to click image above to view the video and see girls talking about their experiences. Click here to view the full Wise-Up website and access the download material.


For information more dedicated to healthcare professionals you might also want to check out the brand new HPV Wise site for even more info and downloads on HPV and the vaccination. Click on the image below.

The Trust has engaged with the producers of the material and we are confident that our goal to improve awareness of HPV is being assisted by the campaign. This leaves us in a position to concentrate our efforts on specific campaigns, the first of these will be to target girls who did not take up the vaccination first time around. We look forward to updating you on the results of the focus group on this subject in November.





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2 Responses to “It’s Time to Wise Up!!”
  1. Jane says:

    I watched Restoration Man this evening and took a glimps in to your lives.

    On a day that my 13 year old daughter had her HPV jab at school. This evening she feels rough. And moaning a little. And has taken herself to bed early.

    Your story puts it all into perspective.

    Thank you for sharing.


  2. Emma Bateman says:

    Had my HPV vaccine today and I am so glad I did. Nikki was a truly inspirational person and that helped me realize that the pain of the vaccine was nothing compared to the pain she went through.


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