Charity Wrapped Up – But Message as Strong as Ever

We are proud of the things that we have achieved over a good number of years, but today (on what would have been Nikki’s 42’s Birthday) we announce that Nikki’s trust has wrapped up as a registered charity.

A big thank you to all our supporters! Over the time you have donated more than £40,000 and we have put this to great use against our goals:

  • Awareness, both with the website and most recently making thousands of leaflets available to vaccination candidates.
  • Pain control through syringe drivers and specialist beds.
  • Support for complementary therapies, again positively impacting the lives of those in pain.
  • Training in the form of study days and courses for professionals delivering that pain control in numerous forms.

Since we started the vaccination program has changed considerably for the better:

  • Most importantly boys as well as girls are offered the vaccination; providing them protection against a number of cancers and reducing the spread of the virus generally.
  • The vaccination is available from GP’s up to the age of 25.
  • Doses have reduced from 3 to 2 in the under 15’s; no one enjoys injections and this will help put candidates minds at rest.

We are delighted that we could make a difference, only wishing that busy lives could have let us do more; but Nikki’s story is enduring, the TV program airs regularly and her legacy remains, as will the website. We have no doubt that the story will continue to have a positive impact on numerous individuals and families.

Take Very Good Care of You and Yours

The Nikki’s Trust Trustees

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Getting the Message Across!

The Trust are delighted to have partnered with Jo’s Trust to help deliver the facts about the vaccine into the hands of those being offered it.

As one one of the last acts before winding up as an official charity we funded the printing of 30,000! mini leaflets. At the time of writing nearly 18,000 of these had been distributed. That equates to thousands of vaccination candidates (now both boys and girls) making informed choices, and will have save lives.

Find out more in the leaflet below and if you still have questions there’s loads of up to date info at

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Making a Difference

It was some time ago that the trust invited applications for grants towards pain relief projects and we are delighted to announce that 5 applications were approved, funds have been transferred and your generosity is making a difference to real lives.

  •  St. Raphael’s Hospice have benefited with new syringe drivers – Often taken for granted but hugely important in the fight against pain.
  • Shooting Star Chase (Children’s Hospice) have also received new syringe drivers – These include a portable one that will help give the young patients the freedom of movement they deserve.
  • Sam Beare and Woking Hospice have received specialist mattresses – Again sometimes taken for granted, modern air mattresses really do make a difference to the bed ridden in pain.

Other successful applicants sort funding towards staff or training:

  • Phyllis Tuckwell’s Complementary Therapies are proven to reduce stress and alleviate pain.
  • Finally 8 of the team at St Catherine’s Hospice have attended an Advanced Pain and Symptom Management course, the benefits of which will be felt by numerous patients for many years to come.

In total nearly £28,000 has been paid all funded by your generosity.

On behalf of the all the Trustees a huge thank you to all our supporters.








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Grants Available for Funding Pain Relief Projects

The Trustees Invite Organisations to Apply for Grants Read More

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It’s Time to Wise Up!!

Wise Up is an educational Toolkit with everything you wanted to know about HPV.

The Trust were privileged to offer a sneak preview of the Wise Up material at the SNPIG meeting a few weeks ago and we are delighted to announce that the material is now in the public domain and available to assist teachers, school nurses and other healthcare professionals in delivering a clear message about HPV.

Please take the time to click image above to view the video and see girls talking about their experiences. Click here to view the full Wise-Up website and access the download material.


For information more dedicated to healthcare professionals you might also want to check out the brand new HPV Wise site for even more info and downloads on HPV and the vaccination. Click on the image below.

The Trust has engaged with the producers of the material and we are confident that our goal to improve awareness of HPV is being assisted by the campaign. This leaves us in a position to concentrate our efforts on specific campaigns, the first of these will be to target girls who did not take up the vaccination first time around. We look forward to updating you on the results of the focus group on this subject in November.





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