Words More than Money

Our supporters have been hugely generous and we have been able to make a genuine difference through funding of pain relief projects and awareness material. But money is not everything, do your bit with words…

The trust wrapped up as a charity in early 2020 and is no longer taking monetary donations, but the story is enduring and you can still support with a simple pledge.

If you have been moved by Nikki’s story and want to help then please check in with your family and friends who have teenage girls and boys; have they been vaccinated against HPV?

Every child and parent should make their own decision in respect of vaccination, but they should do so knowingly, with proper consideration and your words can help make sure that lives are not lost unnecessarily.

In the UK anyone under the age of 25 can be vaccinated free of charge, lets make sure they all get their chance to take this offer up.

Thank you for your support.
Nikki’s Trust