Our Goals

Nikki’s Trust has 3 goals; we feel it is important that the results are measurable and we hope that the goals identified all will provide tangible benefits that we can see making a difference.

Awareness of the HPV vaccine that can prevent Cervical Cancer

The UK’s national HPV immunisation programme was introduced into schools in 2008.  The vaccination is free for all girls aged 12-18.  Whilst the uptake of this vaccine is good statistics show that in 2012/2013 1 in 10 girls did not take up the vaccine at all and 1 in 7 didn’t complete all three doses. So there is work that can be done to improve these figures. The trust is currently working with Public Health England (formally the Department of Health) to identify and create suitable resources to put into schools and Sixth Form Colleges to improve on these figures.

Access to the vaccine for older girls

The vaccine is offered to girls at the age of 12 to 13 as it is ‘less effective’ once the recipient sexually active.  It has been confirmed by the PHE (Public Health England) that it is available for free to all girls up to the age of 18 via the school vaccination program or GP’s.  If you are over 18 and are prepared to pay for the injections, you can still be immunised through a private prescription.  The trust is working towards streamlining this process.

Pain control

Nikki’s ultimate problem was bone cancer which caused an immense amount of pain.  The management of her pain was the most difficult part of her illness for her and her family to deal with.  It is the aim of the Trust to improve pain management training and resources for both hospitals and hospices, to help other patients who find themselves in a similar situation to Nikki.

Partnering with Dr Andrew Davies (Clinical Director Supportive and Palliative Care, Royal Surrey, County Hospital/ St Luke’s Cancer Centre) the Trust is sponsoring a study day for healthcare professionals, focussing on cancer related pain.  The aim is to repeat this course in other regions.