Our Inspiration

My wife Nikki Fagg lost her battle with cancer at the age of 33. Nikki never stood still for a minute and always put everybody else before herself. She suffered two episodes of cancer, surviving the first which only served to remind us of the importance of family and kick-start the most amazing 5 years of our lives. Nothing was taken for granted and this period culminated with a move to Kent to build an amazing house and be nearer our family; many of you reading this will have watched The Restoration Man program and will have seen what and inspiration Nikki was.

During her illness she said to her sister, ‘Shelly, what we have to go through now as a family will stop another family going through it instead’; with your help this family intend to take this sentiment as far as we can. Nikki’s Trust is being set up to promote awareness of and accessibility to the HPV vaccine that can prevent cervical cancer; as well as working with palliative care specialists to help improve the lives of those suffering with bone cancer pain.

Thanks for reading,

Pete Fagg

During her illness Nikki kept a Carepage (blog) to keep family and friends informed. By way of an introduction she wrote…. 

I was diagnosed with cancer again in February 2011 after 5 years of being clear from cervical cancer. Sadly this time there is no cure and I have been given months to live. HOWEVER they don’t know me! The cancer has returned in numerous places, hip, orbit of my left eye (which I’m now unable to see out of), base of my skull, and probably the lung and liver.

I have had radiotherapy to my head and back and am undergoing chemotherapy.

My family and friends are being amazing and I couldn’t ask for any better support.

Love Nikki x x x

You can read all the entries here; start at the bottom for the full story or find the final update at the top.